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For the majority of the office worker population, choosing to Work from Home versus going to work at a desk in a drab, tired-looking office, with a small pot plant (if you’re lucky) isn’t a difficult choice.  But as we all know variety is key and working from home isn’t for everyone.

So instead of shutting up shop, closing the office doors, and doing nothing for the past 18months, many businesses, office owners, and landlords alike have been busy transforming their office spaces to create desirable destinations in which we WANT to WORK!

By creating environments that are inviting we are helping businesses collaborate further than a zoom call, we are provoking engagement and water cooler chat and all those wonderful endorphins for wellness and wellbeing amongst teams, colleagues, and customers.

Now that’s how you create a destination!

At Sagal Group we pride ourselves in our customer relationships and it’s a real treat when our furniture gets specified for environments like this one!

Holmes Interiors founded in 1985 by Sallyanne Holmes primarily work in residential, but with workplaces/hospitality and residential spaces very much rolling into one these days, Holmes Interiors really have captured a work from home environment in the office for everyone to enjoy meeting again outside the home and in real life.

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