DMJ Recruitment 2021

The ever-changing workplace.

DMJ is one of our long-term customers. We supplied furniture for them back in 2010 which included some rather bright lime green chairs which are still in use, and then again in 2014 when we maximised desk space across the floor as you can see below. However, as businesses change, technology changes, they develop and grow, embracing new ways of working. Colour preferences also move on.

DMJ, similar to many of our customers, were in contact when ‘back to work’ became reality again because their teams wanted to return, but not necessarily to how it was before.

Sagal Group Sagal_DMJ_011 DMJ Recruitment 2021
Existing workspace 2014

Our goal was to transform DMJ’s space into a more desirable destination. To give their teams a choice of how and where they work. Screens in softer fabrics and gentler tones, new alternative working spaces using Cubo and Ramo to create an informal meeting space; lockers for personal storage, a Loft-X meeting booth, and some quiet Tranquillo workspaces too which has really transformed the space and given the team and DMJ a choice on where and how they might work when they venture to the office.

Sagal Products include (and not limited to)

DMJ Front of house Furniture Project in 2014

DMJ Recruitment