Tris leg detail
Skuba steel and wood leg details
KAY4 leg detail
Vessel leg detail
Sedici-noni S3-wood leg detail

Do you want GREAT LEGS?

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Who doesn’t?
And everyone’s interpretation of great legs is different..
..So, what legs would you choose and why?

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Sedici-noni S1 & S2

Simple Goalpost Sedici-noni S1 leg. Available in White, Silver, Lava Grey, Black and Raw Steel. The worksurface appears to float above the frame on lovely little chrome spacers. This is one of our more cost-effective leg ranges… but it won’t disappoint! As a variation, choose S2 – the same profiling as S1 but with a loop ‘O’ shape.


One of Sagal’s most popular legs; with its elegant triangular leg detail and similar floating top chrome spacers to that of the Sedici-noni S1 leg. Tris takes your workstation to another 3sided dimension. ;D Available in black, silver and white as standard and with endless possibilities to play with colour.


Most popular for it’s ‘A’frame leg detail that can either span the width of the workstation or be inset on meeting tables so that chairs can freely move along the sides. The Skuba leg can also be replicated on a standing-height table and is also seen on the base on Skuba Storage for consistency across different levels in the office. The Skuba as standard comes with a 25mm top making it very popular amongst our customers for meeting spaces.


Something quite different to the Sagal Group range – the KAY4 leg wraps around the top of the worksurface hiding the ABS edging. This has move executive feel for individual workstations but equally works as a bench set up with inset legs to the middle of the benches and available as a meeting table. Finishes include steelwork in White, Dove Grey, Lava Grey, Black and Chrome with a wide choice of MFC Tops.


The vessel leg with its trapezoid leg detail is available only on individual workstations, but with its flat steel profile, this would compliment the Sedici-noni S3 wood or steel workbenches. Should you want to make a bit more of a statement in certain offices, or maybe even a reception desk?

Sedici-noni S3 Wood

Not too dissimilar to the Skuba leg range, Sedici-noni S3 wood leg ‘A’ frame leg detail has a slimmer profile with a steel leg cap and similar characteristics to the S1 where the 18mm worksurface appears to floats above the frame on lovely little chrome spacers.


So what legs would you choose and why?