What fabric colours should I choose for my workplace?

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Have you ever been overwhelmed when choosing colours and finishes. When selecting all the furniture for your new workplace, breakout space, or hospitality venue the detail of colour and fabric choice can sometimes leave you full of fear and dread. But it doesn’t need to.

For many in the corporate world, playing safe on colour is the safe bet – solid block fabric colours to match your brand colours, or 50 shades of grey. They have their place, certainly, but you can make or break a design with colour and texture. If you’re not sure, work with a professional, it’s our job!

Plain or Patterned

Your choice here will somewhat be determined by your budget but step away from the big names and there is a world of fabulous choice! Patterned fabrics are certainly on-trend and in the right setting allow your office to become that destination you need to encourage your teams to get into the office and collaborate in person and not just on Zoom. Below are a few great recent examples being used on our Deep armchair. You will easily see how a patterned fabric over a plain fabric completely changes the look and feel of the same chair.

Sagal Group QUINTI-GALL-DEEP-LOU-1-1 What fabric colours should I choose for my workplace? Blog Sagal Knowledge  fabric colour

Leather or Faux 

Do you want a luxury leather? There are some amazing faux leather ranges now and with Generation Z (and the rest of us!) wanting less environmental impact you can do the right thing for the planet and your budget.

At Sagal we don’t just sell furniture, we offer solutions and we enjoy making it work for you. We don’t just stop at the upholstery – take the DEEP armchair example once again. If you opted for a 4-leg frame over a 5*star swivel base, then that’s a saving right there…. and if you swapped satin gold leg frame for a painted one instead… then you’ll make a saving there too. That’s if you need to compromise at all! I mean you only live once right?

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