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#SagalWoodenman – talks wood!

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One of the trends #sagalwoodenman has noticed over the last year is the comeback of veneer and veneer effect workstations.

When office interiors took on the open plan style, moving from big individual corner workstations to the well-know bench workstation, it almost took a Henry Ford view on it.  Yes you can have a bench workstation in any colour you like, as long as it is white. Not that white is a bad choice, but light oak finishes have certainly been beating the white finishes from last year’s order book.

I think this is due to our workplaces becoming a bit more like our homes, bringing in the warmth and a cosy feel to peoples working environments.

One thing is safe to say BEECH is definitely out! You only have to Google ‘beech office furniture; images to see that!

If you are currently reading this, and just realised ‘oh, I’m sat at a beech corner workstation like those’ IT’S OKAY – CALL this number today 020 7253 7390 for immediate assistance!

So Beech is a BIG NO-NO, and just white is so last year!

Have a look at what some of our customers have been doing with their office spaces.

#Sagalwoodenman talks COLOUR!