Sagal exposure

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The photograph of Christine Keeler in the metro this morning taken in 1960’s propelled the Arne Jacobson chair to stardom! (The actual chair in the shot was in-fact a copy) [via V&A]

It only seems to me, the perfect excuse “just for fun” to post our own versions….a chance to give our chairs a chance at stardom!

I’m not suggesting we start ripping our clothes off! Remember, we are an office furniture firm… So of course it’s all about the chair! 🙂

This leads me on to thinking of chairs that would be suitable… and not so suitable for such a chair pose!

Stipe is a lovely cafe chair – however, it may leave your modesty on show similar to an old Zoetrope motion picture?!

The Eon Chair…. I’ve not tried… maybe later… due to the polyurethane curved shell this is perfectly comfortable for one’s bottom, However, I am unsure if this will fit the bill for sitting backwards. – perhaps a sideways pose will work here!

Twist! – This seemed like such a close match with its beech shell and superb design. Another true winner for forward seating only thou perhaps? :/

But fear not! If you are looking for a chair to re-enact the famous Christine Keeler pose – I think we have a close winner with the Smile Chair, which is guaranteed to be comfortable and most importantly with backwards seating; maintain your modesty!