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Repurposing plastic waste into stunning furniture

Sagal Group is working with Orca Sound Project to create amazing furniture pieces from plastic waste. 

Obviously, we would rather live in a world where we didn’t have plastic waste, and many companies including ourselves are combating this worldwide problem anyway we can, (Check out our Bio-deep chair made from plants) which is why when we started chatting to Orca Sound Project we were really excited. 

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Get Involved

Imagine a team-building exercise where you and your team take a trip to the local beach to assist in a clean-up day and then every piece of plastic recovered is made into an OcraBoard with the location geotagged for where the rubbish was collected! YES, it’s true this can be done!  and then your very own OrcaBoard can be magically* turned into a couple of canteen picnic benches for your new workplace terrace or used as a top for your boardroom table? How about that for a talking point! Another person’s junk is another person’s treasure. 

*magically meaning behind the scene at Sagal Group we can take the orcaboards into one of our factories, and with our design capabilities and recycled steel componentry use OrcaBoard in place of MDF or MFC panels.

One OrcaBoard is made from 30kg of waste plastic (that’s approx 1500 plastic bottles).


Who are Orca Sound Project?

In today’s world, people are talking about the plastic crisis and sustainability, but feel isolated and unable to feel like they can make a difference. Troubled by this feeling of disconnect, and driven to break down these barriers, The Orca Sound Project was formed.

Founded by creative visionaries and engineers with a deep understanding of technology and inspired by the ocean clean-up movement with the ambition to revolutionize how we interact with sustainable and socially impactful products.

Orca Sound Project is an accessible, solutions-based organisation focused on tackling the global plastic waste crisis. engaging audiences to become actively involved within sustainability and drive communities to think about how they use plastic now and how it can be reused in the future preventing plastic from reaching the land, air, or ultimately our oceans.

What is OcraBoard?

OrcaBoard converts mixed plastic waste into circular products, enabling it to be utilized in many applications that require high-quality, pliable, and quickly deployable sheet materials. It is carbon-efficient, offering a viable alternative to traditional sheet materials.


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