Cleaning & Maintenance of Sagal products


At Sagal we use a wide range of contract fabrics for our products including brands such as Camira, Svensson, Gabriel, and Fidivi to mention a few from our standard fabric offerings.

As ever cleaning and hygiene of products has always been important, and more so now in light of COVID-19. According to research, the risk of contracting the coronavirus from textiles is low. The World Health Organization states that touching a contaminated surface is not the primary way of spreading the virus. While textiles aren’t the biggest risk factor, we can minimise any risk further through cleaning and disinfection protocols.

In general upholstery fabric should be lightly vacuumed each week and cleaned more thoroughly at least once a year to maintain both its function and appearance.

To treat stains please refer to our spot & Stain removal guide.
Sagal Furniture Care Guide

For more specific cleaning guides and disinfectant usages please refer to our supplier links below.

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Fabric Supplier Cleaning & Disinfectant Guides