Polly Pouf's & Mobile Blog Stools


New Working

Sagal Group collaborated with Lorenc Design in the refurbishment of the new Scope office based in East London.

The Disability Charity Scope relocated its head office to East London with a view to creating a space not only to support and improve opportunities available to disabled people, but to create a New Working environment to change how the company works together, sharing expertise and cultivating new relationships. Their new office includes flexible spaces, supporting new technology in a bid to attract and retain the best talent.

Mark Atkinson, chief executive of Scope, said: “Our new office at Here East isn’t just about new desks and a new location. It’s a fundamental change in how we work together.

Sagal Group Polly Poufs and Blog mobile stools were selected for the huddle area creating a flexible a mobile space for team interactions and informal meeting areas, while the Skuba Meeting table and Sky Fresh chairs provide a more traditional place to meet up.

We loved working in the creation of bespoke furniture, such as the Flamingo table tops in the cafe area and the Alusystem storage units in the open plan area. Between the Tris Workstations, we created colourful clusters of Radar acoustic chairs, Blog chairs and Sputnik tables for one to ones, and ideal retreat spaces to take phone calls away from your desk.

sources: https://www.thirdsector.co.uk/scope-move-east-london-may/management/article/1456260