Buying a Sit/Stand Desk for the Home, Is it worth it?

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So a Sit-stand workstation is good in the office but do you need one at home? The benefit of a sit-stand workstation is to offer variation and movement. Similar to an ergonomic chair that moves with your body – a standing desk helps keep the blood flow moving.

When at home, unlike when you are in the workplace, where you may have cycled or walked part of your commute, you tend to move around a fair bit less. As work-life in the office resumes, having the option to work from home is likely to stay, whether that is 1,2 or 3 days a week you are likely to choose more focused work and video 1-to-1’s when working from home meaning long periods of time at the screen. In these situations having a sit/stand workstation can be a huge benefit to encourage movement. Experts in ergonomics agree that switching between standing and sitting has the effect of less discomfort, increased productivity, and given the choice, is a preferred method of working.

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