Sustainability and Ethics

We don’t just tick boxes when it comes to sustainability and ethics. We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact by looking at every aspect of design, production, transportation, installation and recycling.

A long and happy life

Our sustainability commitment starts with designing quality furniture with a long life span backed with extensive warranties and high levels of recyclability.  This reduces the need for replacements, drives down the life cycle costs of our products and minimises what gets sent to landfill. We are also raising awareness among clients around sustainability, especially about recycling their furniture

Making it count

We continually work closely with our factories to develop more environmentally friendly methods of production.  They are harnessing new technologies and manufacturing processes to reduce the number of raw materials used as well as working to reduce the emissions and hazardous by-products from the manufacturing process. Most of our factories have ISO14001 accreditation.

In detail…

Colours and staining

Improved technology for applying ‘paint’ colour finishes has eliminated the production of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Water-based products

we use water-based products rather than solvents

Fabrics and upholstery

we can advise on which fabrics have sound environmental credentials

Textile choice

We can offer products made with synthetic or natural fabrics

Recycled fabrics

Several textiles are available with 100% recycled content, manufactured to ISO 14001 and ISO9001 standards.

Open-loop recycling

Foam and textiles can be recycled into everything from automotive components to carpet padding at the end of their first life

Metal components

All our aluminium and steel components are fully recyclable

Veneers and timber

Are purchased from FSC accredited suppliers practising sustainable forestry

Plastic components

Have an ATSM recycling code wherever possible so they can be correctly identified for recycling

Minimising materials

All components serve a function, nothing is added purely for show to reduce the amount of raw materials required for manufacture


We are committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy we use and reducing the emissions and water consumption of our factories


Solid waste is recycled wherever possible

Recycling: with you all the way

As part of our commitment to you for the life cycle of your products, we are happy to assist when it comes to recycling.  Here’s a quick guide as to what can be recycled.

  • Single material products: generally, steel, aluminium and polypropylene are 100% recyclable
  • Mixed material products: where possible these are designed to be dissembled before recycling. For example, on our task chairs:
    • the sub-seat mechanism is recyclable steel as is the gas canister
    • the seat and back panels are recyclable polypropylene
    • the arms, bases and yolks are recyclable aluminium

If in doubt, call us and we can advise you on how to minimise waste and maximise what is recycled.

Perfecting Packaging

To make sure your furniture reaches you in perfect condition while meeting our sustainability criteria, we’ve developed environmentally-friendly packaging designed for re-use or recycling.

You might think cardboard is more environmentally friendly than plastic wrap, but the plastic wrap we use is recyclable and takes up less space than bulky cardboard, reducing our fuel emissions from delivery and transportation.

Where cardboard is used we always try to retain it for re-use. This means you are not left with bulky waste to dispose of.  We’ve also standardised box sizes so they can be used across product ranges.

We use recyclable and returnable packing materials such as corrugated cardboard and polyethylene plastic bags which are part of a closed loop recycling system for repeated re-use.

Wherever possible shipments use reusable shipping blankets, pallets and other returnable packaging to minimise waste.