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Can a chair fall in love with a table? Certainly not, but we like to think that it’s possible and we want to show you why by creating the perfect Collection Lab furniture match for meeting rooms.

Match No 1: Flamingo Bar and Karl Stool
Although designed for breakout areas, Flamingo Bar is a popular choice for casual meetings. Its match, Karl Stool, is also available in upholstered seat.
Match No 2: Flamingo Low and Stereo Chair
Great choice for small meetings or team brainstorming. The Flamingo Low comes is 2 different sizes with a square or round top. The Stereo‘s shell is polished at the back and opaque at the front and available in 6 colours.


Match No 3: Hangar and Flap
The stylish Hangar table can be 260 or 420 cm long, perfect for big meeting rooms or boardroom. If space is an issue, it also comes in a 148 cm round shape. The lower shelf has been cleverly designed for housing objects or documents. We love how he futuristic shape of the Hangar table matches the Flap‘s retro style.

Download the Lab Catalogue or contact us for more info.

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