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Still on Trend: Co-Working Spaces

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Last autumn, we reported on a rise in the demand for co-working office spaces. Co-working spaces are office areas shared amongst different organisations, which offer the opportunity to network, to collaborate with like-minded people, and to source investors.

In 2019, we can expect to see this trend really take off. Traditionally, co-working spaces have involved partitioned areas for each separate organisation. The new trend – as we’ve seen – is to have multiple companies using the same areas and resources.

To make co-working feasible, office design should be open plan, flexible and dynamic. There should be plenty of meeting areas, soft seating and desk space, and furniture that can be easily moved and adapted to changing needs.

There can be a downside to open-plan offices as many have us have seen and for some, solo working can become a challenge. In 2019 we can expect to see more companies creating dedicated concentration spaces and workstations; areas where noise and activity are restricted to allow employees to pursue their own work in peace.

Concentration Space

BeQuiet is an acoustic panel that can be wall-mounted, free-standing and suspended. With a greater desire for the ‘exposed ceiling’ and rustic warehouse style office with wooden floors, office environments are losing a lot of acoustic properties from the more traditional suspended ceilings and carpets. Furniture is playing a much bigger part in providing a sanctuary within our office spaces.

Talk & Loft are high back sofa options perfect for creating smaller informal meeting spaces within a larger open plan office. Great for a morning catch up with colleagues or just a space to take a phone call away from the desk.

Collaboration Space

This space can be created using pretty much any type of furniture, depending on how each individual company likes to work? It could be a formal space with a meeting table and chairs, or a more coffee shop esque environment. Or a popular want among the younger generations a more mobile flexible, interactive space made up of poufs, stools, tables on wheels and even theater style seating.

On Trend..

Of course, co-working spaces aren’t the only office design trend to get excited about this year…

Recycled materials & spaces
Now, the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality is making an impact on design trends as well. The most stylish office spaces of 2019 will feature recycled – or “upcycled” – furniture and design features.

As with co-working spaces, the biophilic design trend is only going to get bigger this year. Companies will move into spaces with more natural light, integrate natural prints and patterns into their office design, and decorate with plenty of leafy plants.

Recreational areas
In 2019 it’ll become the norm to encounter yoga studios, games rooms, espresso bars, and even rock-climbing walls within corporate spaces.